Freight Express Warehousing

Our main warehouse of 40,000 square feet is situated near Penicuik, on the outskirts of Edinburgh.
In addition we have 6,000 square feet in West London.

In both locations we offer long and short term storage, receiving in, handling out, stockholding, stock control and order picking.

Many of our customers have availed themselves of our warehousing facilities, having chosen to discontinue running their own warehouse. A shared and managed warehouse generally maximises space utilisation and allows the costs to be split amongst several parties.

Without the ongoing burden of rent, rates and permanent staff costs, often on underused premises, most enjoy considerable cost savings. More importantly, they free up time from managing a warehouse, allowing more time to concentrate on the more important aspects of their core business.

A number of our London based customers have chosen to move their stockholding to our Penicuik warehouse. With the reduced costs compared to London premises, and the frequency of our transport service between Scotland and London, they find it does not detract from the service they can offer their clients.

Many designers use both our transport and warehousing services to amass all the components of a project over a period of weeks or months, and we then finally deliver and install on the appointed day. This way they only pay for storage and handling as and when it is required, can readily allocate the costs directly to the specific project, and completely avoid the need for the ongoing expense of under-utilised premises.